Keurig K-Cup Machine Cleaner Pods By Urnex – 5 Cleaning Pods Per Box – Coffee Maker Cleaner


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  • KEURIG: For use with all Keurig Single Cup machines only
  • FOR BEST TASTE: Helps prevent flavor transfer when switching between different flavored pods, A clean coffee machine ensures proper hygiene and produces better tasting coffee
  • 5 CLEANING PODS: Use once a week or whenever changing between sweetened beverages and coffee and tea. For full machine maintenance and optimal taste, use regularly with Single Cup Brewer Descaling Liquid
  • NO VINEGAR SMELL: Keeps coffee and tea tasting fresh
  • SAFE: Biodegradable, phosphate-free and odorless, Removes coffee residue and rinses away coffee oils inside K-Cup coffee machines
Since 1936 Urnex has been a staple of the coffee industry with its cleaning products used, loved and recommended by coffee shops, baristas and coffee connoisseurs. Urnex’s Single Serve Coffee Machine Cleaning Capsules have been developed for K-Cup users so they can enjoy better tasting coffee from a clean machine. The capsules remove bitter-tasting coffee oils and residue from the brew chamber of your K-Cup machine, helping your cup of coffee brew faster and taste better. Simple to use, just insert a cleaning capsule into the chamber, brew the largest cup size twice, remove the cleaning cup from the chamber and perform two brewing cycles just with water to ensure no cleaning solution remains in the coffee maker. This product rinses away completely and is odor free. For Use on K-Cup Single Cup Brewers – Step 1: Cleaning Cup – 1. Place cleaning cup into brewer
2. Brew largest cup size twice
3. Remove cleaning cup from brewer
4. Brew twice to rinse


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