Aicok French Press Coffee Maker, Double Wall Stainless Steel Coffee Press, 8-Cup Coffee Percolator with 5 Bonus Screens and Scoop, 34 oz / 1L


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  • 5 Bonus Stainless Steel Filter and 1 Scoop —  If you have a habit of making coffee every day, we advice you to replace the filter every 3 months to ensure the best taste. 1 spoon coarse ground coffee for every 4 OZ of water, you will get the best taste of coffee. To brew 34 oz coffee, need 8 spoons coffee powder and you can get 8-Cup Coffee. Best for enjoying a pleasure time with your friends!
  • 5 Years Quality Warranty– Aicok french press coffee maker have approved  LFGB & FDA. If you do not like, we will fully refund, you do not need to pay any postage. Quality issues, you can get full refund without paying any postage. Just buy with confidence!
  • French Press Stainless Steel Coffee Makers– Brew the best cup of coffee at home! A french press coffee maker (coffee press) combines filterless brewing with the simplicity of slow brewing to create a great cup of coffee.  We know you need the perfect coffee. You taste all the flavors, complete saturation of the coffee and oils,  drink the coffee the way it is meant. The ideal water temperature for brewing coffee is 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit. If you don’t have a thermometer on hand, boil water and leave it on the stove to cool for one to two minutes. To avoid burnt coffee, you should brew for four minutes. If you prefer less bitter coffee, brew for 3 minutes. And drink it within 10 minutes, you will get the best taste!
  • Best Brewing– French press coffee maker will serve you for decades.This french press coffee maker adopt 3D three-dimensional interwoven filter and three-layer filter, your coffee can be finely filtered. They are strong, sturdy, and are more easy to travel with you.When you start brewing coffee with stainess steel, should preheated: It does preserve temperature better than glass once it’s heated, but if you don’t preheat, you run the risk of your brewing water being too cool to produce a balanced cup of coffee. Slowly press, you can get a cup of pure coffee, saving time and effort. Double Wall Stainless Steel Coffee Press can can keep the best coffee temperature 30 mintues, wake up in the morning knowing that your coffee is going to be delicious with this double wall stainless steel coffee press!
  • Termly Clean– It is very important to regularly clean the coffee maker. Every time after use, please put the coffee grounds in a slip net, pour it into the trash can, then rinse the coffee maker and the filter with clean water, you can easily to clean it. In this way, when you use the coffee maker the next time, it will not affect the taste of coffee, and you can also extend the use of coffee pots and filters. French Press Coffee Maker will not rust and is dishwasher safe. It features the best 18/10 stainless steel both inside and outside.
Aicok French Coffee Press make your mornings full of energe with a fresh and delicious cup of coffee.

Features :
• Appropriate capacity: 34 oz/ 1000 ml capacity
• 18/10 stainless steel will not rust, will not break.
• Double walled instruction to keep your coffee hot.
• Easy to Clean, dishwasher safe
• Measurements embedded for better use.
• Stylish, contemporary mirror design.
• Multiple uses for coffee or tea.
• Perfect gift for all coffee & tea lovers.

How to brew delicious coffee?
(Firsht, I hope you can starting whole beans and grinding them fresh for each use)
1 Add 1 tablespoon COARSE ground coffee for every 4 OZ of water
2 Slowly pour hot water( NOT boiling, TEMP: 82-88℃) into the coffee press
3 Let the coffee brew for 4 minutes
4 Turn the spout away from you and turn the lid to close off, Press the plunger down s -l -o -w -l- y
5 Pour and enjoy your fresh cup of tea or coffee

Dry thoroughly after washing.

• 1 X Aicok French Press
• 1 X Stainless Steel Coffee Spoon
• 5 X Steel Screen Filter
• 3 Years Warranty

The Double Wall Stainless Steel French Coffee Press – Great gift for your family or friends! 


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