Aicok Coffee Maker , 12 Cups Programmable Coffee Maker with Timer, Coffee Pot, and Reusable Filter, Stainless Steel


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  • 24-Hour Programmable Coffee Makers: Whenever you want it, Just set the brewing time, it will automatically work by then. For example, add coffee powder at night, set the time, and wake you up the next morning with the sweet coffee smell.
  • Keep Warm and Automatic Shutdown Function: Can keep warm for 45 minutes, when the time comes, it will automatically shut down, without manual shut down for you to save electricity fee, and when you forget to shut down to go out, it will be very safe.
  • 12-cup Large Capacity: The glass carafe can hold about 12 cups at a time, which enables you to share with your family or colleagues.
  • Convenient: the removable permanent filter is convenient to clean and permanent for use. If you need to use filter paper, remove the permanent filter, filter paper directly into the machine can be used.
  • 2 Years Warranty: The 12-cup coffee maker is backed by our 24-month warranty. But our friendly service is available for a lifetime. Our service teams will be always on your side.
Aicok 900W programmable coffee maker is intelligent, high efficiency and easy to control. Just press the “on / off” button, in a few minutes, you’ll enjoy the great-tasting coffee. And 12-Cup large capacity, ideal for large families and social gatherings.

Color: Black
Rated Voltage: 120V, 60Hz
Rated Power: 900W
Capacity: Maximum 1.8L / 12-Cup
Carafe Plate: Nonstick
Product Size: 7.6*9.4*14.2 inches
Product Net weight: 4.8 LB (2.18kg)

More Details
Brew Time:1-4cup: 2-5minutes; 5-8cup: 6-9minutes; 9-12cup: 10-14mintues.
Automatically Shut Off: The coffee maker will shut off automatically after keeping warm 45 minutes. It keeps your coffee maker safer.

How to Use
1. Open the top lid and fill the reservoir with drinking water.
2. Place the funnel into funnel support, then put the filter correctly.
3. Add coffee powder into filter, then close the top lid.
4. Place the carafe on the keeping warm plate, plug the power cord into the outlet.
5. Press on / off button once, the indicator will light blue. The appliance will begin working.
·Please use fresh and cold water when making coffee.
·Do not exceed the warning level of the water tank.
·Do not put more coffee powder than suggested in the manual.
·Please place the coffee maker on the stable and flat surface, not wagging while in use.
·Please just brew water to clean the water tank for the first use or for use after a long period of time.

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Aicok strives to create a better lifestyle by making our products durable, simple, exquisitely designed and user friendly.
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